Weather Warning

Windy conditions on this Sunday

March 29, 2020
09.45 a.m.

Discussion: The atmospheric pressure values are high in the Caribbean Sea, a situation that is generating strong trade winds in the country, particularly in the Central Valley and North Pacific....

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Aviso Meteorológico-IMN-300120-



Aviso Meteorológico

Rainy conditions this afternoon in the country

January 30, 2020
10.45 a.m.

Diagnosis: This morning the warm and quite humid behavior prevailed in various parts of the national territory, mainly due to the low cloud cover and the breeze contribution from the maritime sector. The maximum temperatures ranged between 25 and 33°C, while the relative humidity values ??easily exceeded 60%.

Forecast: For this afternoon, the presence of isolated rains and showers with thunderstorms is expected in the Nicoya Peninsula and in the Central and South Pacific, with accumulated between 20-40 mm, and possible higher amounts in a localized way. In the Central Valley and mountains of the Caribbean and North Zone, rain and isolated showers are anticipated with accumulated between 10-20 mm and possible localized maximums of up to 30 mm.

With regard to the night period, the chances of rain substantially.

Due to the above, the IMN recommends:

  • Caution in areas vulnerable to flooding due to sewer saturation, increased flow in rivers and streams, and in areas prone to landslides.
  • Shelter in a safe place in case of hearing thunderstorms or perceiving strong gusts of wind near storm clouds, as well as precaution for possible fall of tree branches, power lines among others.
  • Caution to drivers due to reduced visibility and wet roads.
  • Stay informed through social networks, Twitter: @IMNCR, Facebook: National Meteorological Institute and the Website:

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