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Meteorological Warning-IMN-260922-Ian intensifies to a hurricane and maintains indirect influence over the country



Meteorological Warning

Ian intensifies to a hurricane and maintains indirect influence over the country

26 de setiembre de 2022
9:30 am

Diagnosis: This Monday morning, tropical cyclone Ian has intensified to a category 1 hurricane, it is located about 980 km northeast (NNE) of Puerto Limón while maintaining its trajectory towards the Gulf of Mexico at a displacement speed of 20 km/h and with maximum sustained winds of 130 km/h. This system maintains an indirect influence on the national territory this Monday, favoring a flow from the west over the country and the approach of the Intertropical Convergence Zone. Since early morning there have been scattered rains of variable intensity in coastal sectors of the Pacific with amounts between 20-60 mm in places such as Jacó, Quepos and Parrita. In the rest of the country, isolated rains of lesser intensity are recorded in mountainous areas and near the border with Nicaragua.

Forecast: For the remainder of this morning, intermittent rains of varying intensity will continue in coastal areas of the Central Pacific and in the south of the Nicoya Peninsula, it is expected that the cloudiness will extend to the Central Valley, generating scattered drizzles to the west and south of the region.

For the afternoon, a predominance of cloudy skies is projected over the national territory with variable rainy activity. On the Pacific slope and the North Zone, scattered downpours with a strong localized storm are anticipated, especially in the central sector of Guanacaste, the mountainous sectors of the Central and South Pacific, in addition to the plains of the North Zone. Estimated amounts between 40-80 mm with amounts greater than 100 mm in a timely manner. For the Central Valley and the Caribbean mountains, isolated rains with localized downpours are anticipated. Estimated amounts between 20-50 mm with possible occasional higher amounts.

During the night period, the most significant rains are expected to be concentrated along the Pacific coast and with the possibility of lasting even until early Tuesday morning.

Warning: Caution in the regions of the Pacific slope and mountainous sectors of both the Central Valley and the North Zone and the Caribbean, in addition to the Nicoya Peninsula and the central zone of Guanacaste, since these regions present high levels of saturation.

Due to the above, the IMN recommends:

    Caution due to sewage saturation and possible sudden floods, as well as the main routes of the country in case of heavy rain events.
    Prevention before an electrical storm and seek shelter in a safe place in case of strong gusts of wind appearing or being perceived near storm clouds, due to the possible fall of tree branches, power lines, among others.
    Be alert in areas that are prone to landslides in the mountainous sectors of the Central Valley.
    Stay informed through social networks, Twitter: @IMNCR, Facebook: National Meteorological Institute CR and the WEB page:

Robert Vindas