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Aviso Meteorológico -IMN-300922-12.30pm



Weather Warning

ntertropical Convergence Zone over Costa Rica and tropical wave #38 this weekend

September 30, 2022
12.30 p.m.

Forecast: This Friday, the Intertropical Convergence Zone is located over Costa Rica, bringing atmospheric instability and humidity since early morning. At this time, a humid environment is prevailing, favorable for precipitation this afternoon and evening, while rains begin to appear in the mountains north of the Central Valley.

Forecast: Showers with thunderstorms are expected over the mountain ranges of the national territory.
In the Central Valley, amounts between 30mm and 40mm are estimated with maximums of up to 90mm in the north of the GAM (north of the GAM) and around the Irazú Volcano in Cartago. Part of this rainfall will reach the lower parts of the Northern Caribbean and the Northern Zone. In the mountains south of the Central Valley (south of the GAM), amounts of 15 mm and 30mm with maximums of 40mm are estimated.

On the Pacific slope, rains will begin in the mountains with amounts between 20-40 mm and maximums of up to 75 mm from the Los Santos area to the south of the region. Along the Pacific coast in the early evening, with amounts between 40mm and 60mm with maximums of 90mm.

Finally, tropical wave #38 is leaving Colombia and arriving in Panama and is expected to arrive in Costa Rica this Saturday.

Warning: High levels of saturation in soils remain in the mountains south of the Central Valley; in addition to the Central and South Pacific coast, so they are highly vulnerable sectors. Caution is recommended for possible landslide or flooding incidents on Route 1 and Route 27.

Due to the above, the IMN recommends:

- Caution for sewer saturation and possible flash floods.
- Prevention before thunderstorms and seek shelter in a safe place in case of strong gusts of wind near the storm clouds, due to the possible fall of tree branches, power lines, among others.
- Stay informed through social networks, Twitter: @IMNCR, Facebook: Instituto Meteorológico Nacional CR and the WEB Page:

Juan Diego Naranjo Díaz

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