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Comunicado Prensa 2019 01 21 930



Strong winds prevail today

 As expected, the influence of the cold push # 14 continues on Central America and the Caribbean Sea. This generated strong winds during this early morning, with speeds between 90 and 115 km / h in the Guanacaste area and, between 40 and 75 km / h, in the Central Valley.

It is expected that strong gusts will prevail in various points of the Guanacaste and Tilarán mountain ranges, with speeds that will be exceeding 90 km / h on an occasional basis; while in the Central Volcanic Mountain Range the maxims will be between 50 and 90 km / h.

On the other hand, for the low areas of Guanacaste, Peninsula and Gulf of Nicoya, the North Zone, Central Valley, Talamanca and the North Caribbean are anticipated winds between 50 and 80 km / h.

With regard to the rains, these will continue to be very dispersed in the Caribbean and Northern Zone, with amounts between 5-15 mm and maximum accumulated of 15-30 mm.

Regarding temperatures, it is expected that they remain relatively low (compared to those that occurred the previous week); especially, in the areas near the mountain ranges of the country, in the Caribbean and the North Zone.

Likewise, in San José temperatures will not exceed 19 ° -20 ° C; however, they will be perceived lesser in Cartago, high parts of Heredia and Alajuela.

Due to the above, the IMN recommends:

• Extreme Precautions for intense winds and their possible affectation in ceilings electrical wiring, signs, trees; as well as in the mountainous parts of the country (national parks, volcanoes).

• To also increase the precaution for the boats by choppy sea and very swell in the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea, as well as to the aerial navigation by turbulence on the mountainous sectors.

• Avoid burning of all kinds, as they can get out of control.