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Comunicado Prensa 2019 03 18



Windy conditions and intermittent rains in the Caribbean will persist throughout the day

This morning the rainy conditions in the Caribbean are maintained as a result of the affectation of a high pressure system; the amounts of rain in 24 hours were between 50-75 mm and up to 150 mm in 48 hours. On the other hand, maximum gusts have been recorded near 90 km / h in Guanacaste and in the Central Valley they oscillate between 45-65 km / h.

According to the analysis, the windy pattern will be maintained all day with a gradual decrease; maximum gusts in Guanacaste will be between 70-100 km / h, as well as in the Guanacaste mountains, the Central Volcanic Mountain Range and the Talamanca sector. On the other hand, in the lower parts of the Central Valley, the Gulf of Nicoya and the Nicoya Peninsula, the speed of the gusts will be between 50 and 80 km / h.

Likewise, precipitation of variable intensity in the North and Caribbean Zone will prevail, with accumulated between 30-50 mm. Drizzle and weak rains are expected in the north and east of the Central Valley and north of Guanacaste with amounts less than 10mm.

The effect of the wind generates cool temperatures in the north and east of the Central Valley (San José, Cartago, Heredia mountains) which will be maintained throughout the day.

Due to the above, the IMN recommends:

• Caution due to strong winds and possible impact on roofs, electrical wiring, signs, trees; as well as in the mountainous parts of the country (national parks, volcanoes).

• Prevention of ships by sharp sea and strong waves in the North Pacific and the Gulf of Nicoya, as well as air navigation due to turbulence in the mountainous sectors.