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Comunicado Prensa 2019 04 29 0930



Variable rainy activity morning and evening

The atmospheric instability in the region, moderate trade winds and the high moisture content, has favored the intermittent rainy conditions in the Caribbean in the last hours. There have been accumulated between 60-70 mm in the mountains and coasts of the Caribbean in the last 12 hours and amounts of up to 100 mm in the last 24 hours.

During the morning intermittent rains are foreseen in the South Caribbean and mountains of the Central Valley, in a much more isolated way. The amounts will be decreasing - gradually - throughout the Caribbean in the course of the morning; with accumulated up to 30 mm. In the Central Valley it will be cloudy with little rainfall north and east of the Valley; In the rest of the country there will be no morning rains.

In the afternoon, very scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected in the Central and South Pacific accumulated between 5-20 mm. In the mountainous sectors of the Caribbean and North Zone there is possibility of light rain ending the evening period, amounts between 5-15 mm. In the Central Valley there will be no rainy conditions, however, it will continue with dense cloudiness to the north and east of the Valley.


Due to the above, the IMN recommends:

• Caution in areas with vulnerability to flooding due to sewer saturation.

• Shelter in a safe place in case of listening to an electrical storm or perceive strong gusts of wind near the storm clouds, as well as caution for possible fall of tree branches, power lines among others.