Weekly outlook

From May 20  to 26, 2024


General Review

During Monday and Tuesday of this week we will have the passage of tropical wave #3 and the reactivation of the ITCZ, which will be generating rains in the Caribbean during Monday night and reinforcing the rains and downpours in the Central Pacific and South on Tuesday afternoon. The Central Valley will have showers with storms during the week in the afternoon periods, as will the Northern Zone and the mountains of the Caribbean.


Morning: Variable cloudiness throughout the forecast period. Possible coastal rains in the Pacific and Caribbean.


Afternoon: Mostly cloudy in general. Showers with storms in the Pacific, Central Valley and Northern Zone, as well as in the surrounding mountains and plains of the Caribbean.


Night: Variable cloudiness. Showers with storms in coastal areas of the Pacific and weak-moderate rains in the Central Valley and Northern Zone.

Temperature extremes in climatic regions of the country




Central Valley 32 14
North Pacific 34 20
Central Pacific 32 16
South Pacífic 33 16
Caribe 33 18
North Zone