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Weather forecast

Thursday, August 17, 2017

This Thursday, it is anticipated that the conditions of moderate wind that have appeared in the last days, perceived especially in the Central Valley and Guanacaste, and favoring also the presence of isolated rain in the Caribbean and the North Zone in the morning. As for the afternoon period, rainfall of varying intensity and isolated showers with electrical storms are foreseen in the Central Valley, the Pacific, the North Zone and the mountains of the Caribbean. It is estimated that in the evening hours, rain and storm remain isolated in the Central and South Pacific.


ENSO Bulletin

This scientific document, produced by the Department of Climatology, provides information on the current and upcoming state of El Niño or La Niña events in a national context. This newsletter is published at the end or beginning of each month. Previous issues are also available.


Climate Atlas

A climate atlas presents, in a graphical form, a synthesis of the climate knowledge of a country or region. The atlas here presented describes the main climatological features of Costa Rica. It contains color maps of climatic elements such as temperature, precipitation and sunshine. The Climate Atlas of Costa Rica is a project that provides weather information of great importance.


Topic of the year 2015

Clouds play a pivotal role in weather forecasts and warnings. They help to drive the water cycle and the entire climate system. Throughout history, they have inspired artists, poets, musicians, photographers and countless other enthusiasts. Understanding Clouds is the theme of World Meteorological Day 2017 to highlight the enormous importance ...


San José, Thursday, August 17, 2017

Sale y Pone el sol







Sale y Pone la luna







Fase lunar

Moon phase



Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Mañanas muy calurosas y la convergencia de los vientos son factores que influyen en la formación de un "minitornado" como el que se presentó el sábado anterior en San Diego de La Unión de...

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Imagen cambio climático

Climate change

One of the greatest challenges facing humanity is climate change. One issue that should concern us all. In this section you can view the climate change report or browse in our dedicated website for this importance issue.

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Imagen sobre tema

Atlas of clouds

Reigning time depends on the type of clouds that form in the sky and, therefore, forecasters are interested in the study of their structure and evolution. Learn more about this fascinating subject.

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