About us

The IMN is a directorate attached to the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE), it is a scientific entity that is in charge of coordinating all meteorological activities in the country. It maintains a systematic monitoring of the state of the weather to provide support to the safety of air navigation in the country and for the prevention of hydrometeorological disasters.

Compiles, studies and analyzes all the climatological information that is recorded and measured in the country, necessary for the preparation of studies and research in the fields of agrometeorology, climatology, climate variability, atmospheric pollution, ocean-atmosphere interaction, global warming, climate change and others, in order to support national development.

[1] National and international community includes the various sectors (productive, academic, national security - National Emergency Commission-) and stages (air, sea and land).

**Hydrometeorological information considers the issuance of warnings, forecasts, bulletins, aeronautical folders and specific research studies (meteorological or climate studies at the request of academic and/or productive users) and in depth (National Communications and technical reports on climate change)


Provide official information on weather, climate, water, variability and climate change, providing experience and innovation for decision-making, to society in general.


To be the avant-garde meteorological and climate entity at the regional and international level at the service of society.

Law 522 - Creation of the IMN

A comprehensive description of the institution's functions and general competencies is available.
Law 522 - Creation of the IMN