From 21 to 27 October, 2019



General Review

This week will continue the conditions of the rainy season period in the country. In addition, the passage of tropical waves is estimated, # 42 for the beginning of this week and # 43 for the weekend. In this way, predominantly hot mornings are estimated, as well as afternoons with showers and thunderstorms.


Mornings: Partial cloud conditions are expected, with the possibility of rain and storm in the early morning and early morning hours near the Pacific coast. In the Central Valley, the Caribbean and the North Zone, partially cloudy sky scenarios will prevail.

Afternoons: In the Pacific, the Central Valley, the North Zone and the mountains of the Caribbean, rainfall and showers are expected with thunderstorms. On the coast of Limón it is expected cloudiness from little to partial, rains are unlikely.

Nights: In the Pacific and the North Zone, rain and isolated showers with thunderstorms are expected in the first hours. In the Central Valley and the mountains of the Caribbean, rainfall and possible isolated showers with storm are estimated. On the coast of Limón there is a chance of isolated rainfall in the first hours mainly.

Temperature extremes in climatic regions of the country




Central Valley 32 15
North Pacific 35 18
Central Pacific 34


South Pacific 34 12
Caribbean 32 18
North Zone 34 16


Weekly weather trend from October 28 to November 03, 2019

The analyzes show the persistence of rainy conditions, especially in the regions of the Pacific, the North Zone, the Central Valley and the Caribbean mountains.