Weekly outlook


From Sep 26th to Oct 2nd, 2022

General Review

This Monday the indirect influence of Hurricane Ian continues, generating cloudiness and rain, the most significant in the Pacific regions. Its effects will persist only on this day, due to its rapid displacement towards the Gulf of Mexico.


As of Tuesday, the Intertropical Convergence Zone will remain close to the country, which, added to the morning warming and humidity contributions from the maritime sectors, will cause rainy events in the afternoon and in the early hours of the night in the Pacific regions, Central Valley, North Zone and mountains of the Caribbean, precipitation is not ruled out in the early mornings in coastal areas of the Pacific.


For its part, tropical wave #38 maintains its path towards the Caribbean Sea, the arrival in Central America is estimated between Friday and Saturday.


Mornings: Cloudiness between partial and total. Possible rains in Pacific coastal areas during the first hours.


Afternoons: In the Pacific it is expected to be mostly cloudy with rain, downpours and thunderstorms. The Central Valley and North Zone, cloudiness between partial and total with rains of variable intensity and storms. In the Caribbean, it is expected to be partly cloudy with rains and showers in the mountainous and surrounding areas.


Nights: Cloudiness between partial and total in the country. Rains and isolated thunderstorm in the Pacific and North Zone in the first hours. Intermittent rains and fog banks in the Central Valley and Caribbean mountains during the first part of the period.

Temperature extremes in climatic regions of the country




Valle Central 28 15
Pacífico Norte 33 18
Pacífico Central 32 16
Pacífico Sur 32 15
Caribe 32 16
Zona Norte 32 15


Outlook for the week of October 03 to 09, 2022

The typical pattern of the season will be present in this period, with precipitations that will be recurrent during the afternoons and early evenings in the Pacific regions, Central Valley, as well as in the North Zone and mountainous parts of the Caribbean.