From June 11th - 14th, 2019


General Review

For today the passage of tropical wave # 13 is expected, which, added to other factors such as the high daytime temperature, will be reinforcing the rainy activity in different points of the national territory, both in the afternoon period and in the early hours of the night.

On the other hand, during the rest of the week conditions will be quite warm in the morning periods and in the hours close to midday in most of the country. While, in the evening periods are anticipated rain and possible storm in some parts of the country.


Mornings: Low to partial cloudiness and high temperatures are expected in general in most of the national territory.

Afternoons: In the Pacific, the Central Valley, the mountains of the Caribbean and the North Zone are expected showers and showers with thunderstorms during this Thursday, reinforced by the passage of Tropical Wave # 13. During the rest of the week, the rains will be isolated with a possible short-term storm, mainly in the Central and South Pacific, the Nicoya Peninsula, the Cordillera de Tilarán, the mountains of the Northern Zone and the Caribbean.

Nights: Possible isolated rains are anticipated in the first hours in the Pacific regions. In the rest of the country, it is expected to be partly cloudy.

Temperature extremes in climatic regions of the country




Central Valley 32 15
North Pacific 34 18
Central Pacific 33


South Pacific 33 12
Caribbean 30 18
North Zone 33 16


Weather trend of the week from July 15 to 21, 2019:

The analyzes show that warm conditions will continue in the daytime periods, while in the evenings important rainy conditions are expected, which could be reinforced particularly next Monday, by the passage of a new tropical wave, which is currently given tracing.