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The National Meteorological Institute (NMI) provides different services. You can find a description of each one in this unit.  These services are available at your request filling the online application form located at the right side of this section.

Payment method:

Payments can be made by bank transfer or direct deposit to he following accounts in the Banco Nacional de Costa Rica (National Bank of Costa Rica):

Costa Rican colón (CRC) account:

Legal name and ID:               MINAE
Cheking account:                  100-01-202-000509-8
SINPE customer account:    15120210010005099

United Stated dollar (USD) account:

Legal name and ID:             MINAE
Cheking account:                100-02-202-000361-9
SINPE customer account:  15120210020003612

Account legal name and ID: MINAE, 2-100-042014 

Information Delivery:

Monday to Friday: from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

Office: Department of Information; IMN. First floor



Catalog of institutional services and products

See a guide on the use of the web to make a request for services.


Climate analysis

Analysis of climate on weather conditions occurred at a certain moment on any particular region may be provided if it has weather stations nearby or representative to the area of study. The analysis can be delivered in two formats: as evidence, or as certification. In the latter case, in addition to the cost agreed by the task, it is necessary to add a cost of fifty colons by revenue stamps.
Climatic characterizations are also made, provided the study area can be represented by the information coming from the surrounding meteorological stations coverage.

The information costs according to what is requested. Once made the formal request by the user, the NMI will proceed to assess the feasibility of doing, as well as the cost associated to the said study, for which, the NMI has a period of up to three working days from the date of receipt of the request.

The average delivery time is eight days, this period according to the complexity and degree of temporal and spatial detail of the requested analysis may vary.


It is offered to the public in general, the possibility of talks that can be imparted by the officials of the Institute, to professional and technical groups that need it. Subjects offered are within the meteorological field, such as: basic concepts of meteorology and climatology, weather forecast, greenhouse effect, global warming, climate change, vulnerability, adaptation and mitigation to climate change, ENSO phases (El Niño / La Niña), meteorological applications to hydrology, agriculture, human health, biology; as well as topics on tropical cyclones (storms, hurricanes), among others.

In the case of primary and secondary students, offered talks on weather and climate, meteorological instruments, hydrometeorological disasters and climate change.

These exposures are carried out in coordination with the Department of Environmental Education of the Simon Bolívar Zoo, and taught the days Wednesday and Thursday morning, to student groups that do not exceed 25 students. In these cases, such talks are to be requested to the Director of the National Zoo.

Atmospheric conditions over a period

This is the analysis of the behavior of meteorological elements over a specific period and place or zone of concern. To elaborate the report, the meteorologist uses data provided by the weather stations located in the area of interest during the requested dates.  The meteorological elements are rain, temperature, humidity and wind (speed and direction), among others. As available, the study includes analysis of satellite images, meteorologist on duty observation logs, and Meteorological Bulletins.

Other inquiries

Other meteorological topics to consult are as follows: weather, climate, variability and climate change, ENSO phenomenon, work and functions of NMI, weather stations overall information (how they take measurements, types of stations and sensors, geographic localization, etc.), extreme meteorological events, and procedures on requesting information.

Custom forecasts

The NMI provides a daily national prognosis of time, both maritime and continental territory or somewhere in particular. It is also provided, if necessary, an explanation of the weather conditions which are occurring at that time.

The information will be provided by a meteorologist. You can request with the web form on this page or via phone, fax or email.

Climate summaries

There are climatic summaries of weather stations that have at least five years of continuous record. These summaries consist of a report of the average values of the weather elements available to the station during his time of service. You have to active stations and which have had to close over time.

You can request in the web form on this page or via phone, fax or email.