Weekly outlook

From September 25 to October 01, 2023

General Review

This week the humid and unstable conditions over the country will gradually increase again, which are due to factors such as: the arrival of Tropical Wave 40 for the end of the afternoon-night hours of this Monday, the activation of the Zone of Intertropical Convergence in the week to the south of the region and finally, Tropical Wave # 41 preliminarily estimated for Thursday.

In general, scattered showers accompanied by electrical storms (locally of strong intensity) are likely to increase on the Pacific slope, the Central Valley and the Northern Zone. The Caribbean regions will present such precipitation occasionally towards the center, but mainly in western sectors and mountainous parts.


Mornings: Cloudiness that evolves from little to partial and as the week progresses. Possibility of occasional showers in maritime areas near the Pacific slope.

Afternoons: Presence of mostly cloudy conditions with scattered to widespread showers, accompanied by a thunderstorm, in the Pacific and the Central Valley, increasing the probability in the middle of the week that they will manifest in the North Pacific. The Caribbean regions will maintain the probability of these rains in the western sectors, with a coastline with little rain.

Nights: Cloudiness evolves from mostly cloudy to partial clouds. Possibility of rain in the first hours for the Pacific regions and coastal sectors.

Temperature extremes in climatic regions of the country




Central Valley 31 15
North Pacific 37 18
Central Pacific 33 18
South Pacífic 33 16
Caribe 32 19
North Zone




Outlook for the week from 01 to 07 October, 2023

A week is observed with the probability of maintaining the occurrence of precipitation on the Pacific slope. The presence of days where the rains are perceived as reinforced-generalized alternating with days in which they are less frequent is not ruled out, which has been a characteristic of the rainfall in this rainy season.