Weekly outlook

From April 8 to 14, 2024


General Review

During this week a mixed pattern will be presented in the national territory, since rains will continue in the regions of the Northern Zone and the Caribbean, due to the constant humidity from the Caribbean Sea. At the same time, in the Central Pacific and South Pacific regions, the transition period between the dry season and the rainy season is beginning to be established in those regions, so rainfall is expected in the afternoons in an isolated manner.


Meanwhile, in the North Pacific and Central Valley, occasional rains are expected, concentrating in the south of the Nicoya Peninsula in the former and in the Central Volcanic Mountain Range in the latter.


Mornings: Light to partly cloudy in the Pacific slope and Central Valley. Variable cloudiness with scattered showers in the early hours in the Northern Zone and the Caribbean.

Afternoons: In general for the national territory, mostly cloudy with isolated showers near the Central Pacific coast and the South Pacific; in addition to occasional showers in the Caribbean plains and the Northern Zone. In both the Central Valley and the North Pacific, the greatest chance of rain will be on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Nights: Mostly cloudy, light showers in the Caribbean mountains and the South Pacific coast.

Temperature extremes in climatic regions of the country




Central Valley 30 14
North Pacific 35 17
Central Pacific 32 15
South Pacífic 33 5
Caribe 29 16
North Zone