Weekly outlook

From Jun 1st  to Jun 4th, 2023




General Review

By the end of this week, the humid and unstable environment will continue due to the Intertropical Convergence Zone that will continue over our country, in addition to the passage of tropical wave #4 for this Friday. However, the tendency for rainfall to be more isolated with respect to those recorded in the first half of the week persists.


The rains will be concentrated on the mountains of the national territory and on the plains of both the Caribbean and the North Zone, as well as in isolation in the Central Valley. The precipitations would extend into the early hours of the night, mainly in the area of San Carlos and coastal parts of the Pacific.


Mornings: Cloudiness varying from total to partial in the national territory. Possibility of occasional rains in both coastal sectors.


Afternoons: Presence of downpours with electrical storm in the mountain ranges of the country, in addition to the Caribbean and North Zone plains. Isolated rains in the lower parts of both the Central Valley and the North Pacific; and scattered near the coast of the Central Pacific and the South Pacific.


Nights: Probability of isolated rains on the Pacific coast and plains of the North Zone. Occasional rains in the rest of the country.

Temperature extremes in climatic regions of the country




Valle Central 30 15
Pacífico Norte 36 19
Pacífico Central 32 14
Pacífico Sur 33 5
Caribe 31 17
Zona Norte 34 18


Outlook for the week of Jun 5th to Jun 11th, 2023

A weak Trade Winds pattern and humid conditions will continue for Costa Rica, forecasting showers with scattered storms in the afternoons.