From January 16-22, 2017


General Review

This week the conditions of moderate winds will be maintained until at least until Thursday, when a significant reduction of the trade winds is anticipated. During the early morning the little cloudiness will be favoring the low temperatures.

There will be very little precipitation in most of the national territory, some drizzles and weak rains will occur in the mountainous sectors of the Caribbean and North Zone. After Thursday, isolated showers are forecast during the afternoons in the Central and South Pacific.


Mornings: Clear on the Pacific slope and in Central Valley, windy in Guanacaste and the mountains of the Central Valley. In the North and Caribbean Zone, partial cloudiness with possibility of short-term rainfall in the first hours in the mountainous sectors.

Afternoon: Little to partial cloudiness in the national territory. Partly cloudy in the Pacific regions, from Friday increased cloudiness and possibility of evening rain in the Central and South Pacific.

Nights: Little cloudiness in the national territory. Windy and cool in the Central Valley and the North Pacific and mountain ranges of the country until Thursday.

Temperature extremes in climatic regions of the country




Central Valley 30 12
North Pacific 34 18
Central Pacific 33 17
South Pacific 33 17
Caribbean 32 19
North Zone 32 17


Trend for the period from 23-29 January, 2017

This week, there will be an increase in trade winds, although extreme wind conditions are not expected. Temperatures in the central valley will be cool and there will be very little precipitation in the Pacific and Central Valley.