General Review

For the remainder of this week, a more humid behavior is outlined over the country that will give an increase in the typical rainfall of the rainy season in this month of September concentrating them mainly during the afternoons and nights in the regions of the Pacific slope, Valle Central North Zone and mountainous sectors of the Caribbean accompanied by an electrical storm.

The mornings are expected with a predominance of cloudiness between little and partial at the national level with high temperatures from the early hours of the morning period with occasional rains in the coastal sectors of the Pacific and the Caribbean, the latter with rains of a more isolated nature.

In the afternoons, downpours with electrical activity are projected in the Pacific Slope and the Central Valley, rains of variable intensity and storm of a localized nature are also anticipated in the North Zone, also for the mountainous areas of the Caribbean there is the probability of moderate rainfall of short duration and more isolated storm.

The weekend is shaping up with the heaviest rains due to a peak in moisture content over the country. No tropical waves or dust from the Sahara are expected to affect the country in the forecast period.


Mornings: Predominance of cloudiness between little and partial at the national level. Possibility of isolated precipitations in the vicinity of coastal areas of the Pacific and the Caribbean.

Afternoons: From partial to mostly cloudy throughout the Pacific slope, Central Valley and North Zone with scattered rains of variable intensity and localized electrical storm. In the rest of the country there is a predominance of partially cloudy with rainfall and isolated storm mainly near mountainous areas of the Caribbean.

Nights: From partial to mostly cloudy with isolated rains and downpours during the first hours on the Pacific slope, especially near the coasts, also intermittent rainfall of variable intensity is forecast in the Central Valley with the possibility of fog banks and isolated in areas mountainous areas of the country that will cease over the period.

Temperature extremes in climatic regions of the country




Valle Central 31 16
Pacífico Norte 34 19
Pacífico Central 33 19
Pacífico Sur 33 18
Caribe 32 19
Zona Norte 32 18


Weekly weather trend from September 28th to October 4th, 2020

This week will continue with rainy season conditions, with hot mornings and afternoon rainfall mainly on the Pacific slope, Central Valley and North Zone.