From June 13th - 16th, 2019



General Review

On this Thursday the unstable atmospheric conditions are maintained, a situation favored by the proximity of the Intertropical Convergence Zone, generating the occurrence of precipitation in the different regions of the country.


Towards Friday and the weekend a slight increase in the intensity of the trade winds is expected in the center of the Caribbean Sea, accentuating in the north and center of the national territory, causing in turn a more isolated behavior of rainfall in the Central Valley and the North Pacific, for its part in the Central and South Pacific, evening rains are expected. In the Northern Zone and the Caribbean, morning and nighttime rains are possible. A new tropical wave is transiting the Caribbean Sea, according to the latest analysis is possible the incursion of it on Sunday.



Mornings: Partial cloudiness in the Pacific and Central Valley. In the Caribbean and the Northern Zone, it is expected mostly cloudy and scattered rains.


Afternoons: Thursday: Downpours with thunderstorm in the Pacific, Central Valley and North Zone regions. In the Caribbean regions rainfall of weak to moderate intensity in the mountains. Friday and weekend: In the Central Valley and Nicoya Peninsula partially cloudy with isolated rains, the rest of Guanacaste partial cloudiness; in the Central and South Pacific it is expected mostly cloudy with showers and thunderstorms. The North and Caribbean Zone will prevail partially cloudy, rains in mountainous sectors.


Nights: Variable cloudiness between partial and total nationwide. Rains in the early hours in the Central and South Pacific. Occasional rainfall in the Caribbean and North Zone.


Temperature extremes in climatic regions of the country




Central Valley 32 15
North Pacific 33 18
Central Pacific 33


South Pacific 33 16
Caribbean 32 19
North Zone 32 18


Weather trend of the week from June 10 to 16, 2019:

A decrease in the humidity contained in the atmosphere will cause irregularities in rainfall in the Central Valley and North Pacific. In the Caribbean and North Zone, morning rains are possible, and in the afternoon there will be showers and thunderstorms in the Central and South Pacific.