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Aviso Meteorológico-IMN-150323-0430pm



Weather Warning -Update-

Heavy rainfall in the Central Valley and Pacific

March 15, 2023
4.30 p.m.

Discussion: The weak trade winds allowed the entry of sea breezes from the Pacific Ocean, which added to the record of warm morning temperatures and the presence of high humidity in the atmosphere, have generated heavy downpours and an electrical storm this afternoon. in some points of the Central Valley and Pacific regions with maximum accumulated between 20-50 mm in a period of 1-4 hours.

Forecast: During the remainder of the afternoon and during the first hours of the night, the rains will continue between moderate and strong intensity with an electrical storm, especially in the South Pacific and Central Pacific, occasionally in the North Pacific and North Zone, it is estimated amounts between 25-60 mm in periods of 6 hours. For its part, in the Central Valley scattered rains are expected with a tendency to decrease in the first part of the night period, amounts between 5-20 mm.

Warning: Special attention because it is estimated for the regions of the South Pacific, mountains of the Caribbean and Central Valley heavy rains, during the evening periods and early hours of the night.

Due to the above, the IMN recommends:

  • Caution for sewer saturation and possible flash floods.
  • Prevention against electrical storm and seek refuge in a safe place in case of appearing or perceiving strong gusts of wind near the storm clouds, due to the possible fall of tree branches, power lines, among others.
  • Stay informed through social networks, Twitter: @IMNCR, Facebook: National Meteorological Institute CR and the WEB Page:

Rebecca Morera