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Aviso Meteorológico-IMN-200920-



Weather Warning

Rainy conditions in the Pacific during the afternoon and night

September 20, 2020
10.30 am

Diagnosis: The Intertropical Convergence Zone, as well as the entry of humidity from maritime sectors and the morning warming have favored intense rainy conditions in the Central and South Pacific.

Forecast: During the afternoon in the Pacific and Central Valley, there will be intermittent rainy conditions, particularly in the Central and South Pacific. Precipitation amounts between 40-60 mm are expected in the Pacific and amounts between 10-30 mm in the Central Valley, particularly in the west of the Valley. In the Northern Zone, isolated showers are expected with storms with amounts between 25-40 mm, for the Caribbean mountains isolated showers with amounts between 10-30 mm are expected.

Warning: Special attention in all Pacific regions, particularly in the possibility of landslides in the mountainous sectors of the west of the Central Valley and Pacific.

Due to the above, the IMN recommends:

Caution in areas vulnerable to flooding due to sewer saturation.
Take shelter in a safe place in case of hearing an electrical storm or perceive strong gusts of wind near the storm clouds, as well as caution against possible falling tree branches, power lines, among others.
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Daniel Poleo