Weather Warning

Downpours and thunderstorms during this afternoon

October 22, 2019
09.55 a.m.

Discussion: The Intertropical Convergence Zone remains close to the national territory generating an important contribution of humidity and instability and combined with the morning warming, are...

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Aviso Meteorológico-IMN-160717-10.15a.m



Weather Warning

Intertropical Convergence Zone on the country this Sunday

July 16, 2017
10.15 am

Diagnosis: The Intertropical Convergence Zone is located on Costa Rica today. This morning the moisture input from the oceanic sector to the Pacific and the Central Valley has started and combines with the warming to increase the potential for cloud generation and rainfall in the coming hours.
Forecast: Due to the above, due to the above, from midday and during the afternoon and the night rain and showers are expected accompanied by electrical storm in the regions of the Pacific and the Central Valley, with amounts varying between 20-60 mm in periods of 3 a 6 hours. In the North Zone and in the mountainous regions of the Caribbean isolated showers are foreseen during the afternoon and night, estimates are estimated between 10-30 mm from 3 to 6 hours.
In addition, Tropical Wave # 24 is located in Panama and continues to the west, is expected to be arriving in Costa Rica on Monday, a situation that would encourage the rains in the country this day, especially in the afternoon and Night in the Pacific and Central Valley.
Due to the above, the IMN recommends:
Caution in areas with vulnerability to flooding due to saturation of sewage systems due to increased flow in rivers and streams; Also in sectors prone to landslides and floods.
In case of a thunderstorm, strong gust of wind, or hail events, take refuge in a safe place.
Preventing drivers from adverse road conditions due to reduced visibility.
Gabriela Chinchilla