Meteorological Glosary

© National Meteorological Institute, 2020

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National Meteorological Institute, (2020). Meteorological Glossary.  IMN. San José, Costa Rica.



The Glossary of Meteorology is a scientific document handy to school, high school and university students, as well as people in general, in order to understand the meaning of the meteorological terms used by the National Meteorological Institute. This new glossary update has a greater content and diversity of terms, used in a wide range of meteorological publications of different topics of interest.

The terminology here described is frequently used in our meteorological warnings and reports aimed at the general population and, in particular, at the country´s first response institutions. Furthermore, the document has the purpose of educating, informing, and sensitizing the country´s civil society in meteorological science, as well as being an official document of consultation.

The glossary main sources for definition of terms are the World Meteorological Organization, the State Meteorological Agency of Spain, and the National Meteorological Institute. This glossary of meteorological terms covers all the specialized branches, or subfields, of meteorology, such as: climatology, synoptic meteorology, numerical weather modeling, climate change, climate variability, meteorological instruments, and other topics of interest.

We hope that this glossary will be of your interest and help, as it has more than 250 definitions. The update of this document will be done annually, considering the user`s comments and suggestions thereon.

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