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Comunicado Prensa 2019 03 06 1100



Windy conditions due to cold thrust affectation

The entry of cold thrust number 22 north of the Caribbean Sea has generated an increase in the values ??of atmospheric pressure, which causes an acceleration of the wind in the country. Since midnight yesterday, the most significant gusts have been 90 km / h on the Cross, 70 km / h on the Orosi volcano and 52 km / h on Libera for the Guanacaste region, while -for the Central Valley- these have been 47 km / h in San José, 54 km / h in Pavas and 61 km / h in Alajuela. At the same time, there were isolated morning rains on the Caribbean slope.

According to the analysis, the wind will increase gradually throughout the day, as the cold push enters the region. Hence, the gusts could reach 80-100 km / h in the high parts of Guanacaste and between 50-70 km / h in the low areas; while for the Central Valley they would be in the range of 40-70 km / h.

With regard to the rains, isolated precipitations are expected in the Caribbean and North Zone with maximum accumulated of 10-30 mm, also, during this afternoon it is foreseen isolated rains in the mountainous areas of the Central and South Pacific with possible electrical storm. No significant rainfall is anticipated for the Central and North Pacific Valleys.

Due to the above, the IMN recommends:

• Caution due to strong winds and possible impact on roofs, electrical wiring, signs, trees; as well as in the mountainous parts of the country (national parks, volcanoes).

• Prevention of ships by sharp sea and strong waves in the North Pacific and the Gulf of Nicoya, as well as air navigation due to turbulence in the mountainous sectors.

• Avoid any kind of burnings as they can get out of control.