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Comunicado Prensa 2019 03 12 1100



Windy conditions persist

Given the atmospheric conditions, the accelerated wind persists over the country. From midnight, in the high areas of Guanacaste gusts of up to 103 km / h were recorded; while in the lower parts they hovered up to 70 km / h. In that same period, for the Central Valley the most significant data were in the range of 50 to 70 km / h. Also, occasional light drizzles occurred on the Caribbean slope.

For this Tuesday, it will remain windy especially for the Guanacaste area with maximum gusts of 80 to 110 km / h in the mountainous areas and 60-80 km / h in the plains. For the Central Valley moderate wind is expected with occasional gusts between 40 and 70 km / h.

Dry conditions are expected in most of the country; although it is possible the presence of drizzles in the cordilleras.

Due to the above, the IMN recommends:

• Extreme precautions for intense winds and their possible impact on roofs, electrical wiring, signs, trees; as well as in the mountainous parts of the country (national parks, volcanoes).

• Avoid burning of all kinds as they can get out of control.

• To also increase the precaution for the vessels by sharp sea and strong waves in the North Pacific and the Gulf of Nicoya, as well as to the aerial navigation by turbulence on the mountainous sectors.

• Extreme caution -at the aeronautical level- due to strong turbulence over the mountainous sectors in Guanacaste and the Central Valley