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Image about Cloud Atlas

Atlas of clouds

Everyone at some point have directed the view to the sky and observed the clouds. You have seen them dark, white, thin, dense, others that produce thunderstorms, lightning, hail and up to imagine well known figures.

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Image about Climatological Atlas

Climatological Atlas

Climatological atlas is a product made in flash, which can be downloaded, unzipped for use by any person or institution. In it you will find different types of climatological maps, image galleries, information from weather stations, etc.

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Image about Electrical storms


A storm is a local weather system with a cumulonimbus cloud that produces thunder, lightning, strong wind gusts, heavy rain and sometimes hail. In the following section you can find everything realacionado with this important issue in our country.

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Image about UV index

UV index

Solar UV index (UVI) is a measure of the intensity of UV radiation at the Earth's surface. Here you can find all the necessary information about this very important issue for the society.

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Image about Meteorological Instruments

Meteorological Instruments

There are different parameters to measure into the atmosphere and two ways of doing it, one through the sensory appreciation, i.e. perceiving them through our senses and the other, through instruments. The instruments give us an exact value of the parameter measured.

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Image about glossary

Meteorological Glossary

This section is an extensive glossary where you will find definitions of vocabulary related to meteorology and other related issues, which may help you or learn more about the different subjects and will be supported in their academic tasks, both for primary and secondary. Find a word with its definition.

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Image about Hurricanes


Hurricanes are part of natural hazards that are coupled to the same vulnerability in the country, contributing to increase a variable that influences the development of the nation at risk

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Image about Weather in Costa Rica

Weather in Costa Rica

The aim of this study is to provide statistical precipitation and temperature information three time periods : the database for online reference 1961-1990 , the period of observation of variability in the past 15 years ( 1991-2006 ) and the stage climate change estimated for 2070-2100.

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Image about ENSO


The ENSO is an ocean-atmosphere phenomenon that involves the interaction of surface waters of the tropical Pacific Ocean with the surrounding atmosphere. In addition , ENSO is related to climatic conditions in many parts of the world ...

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